March 12, 2012

Pinteresting To Me...

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest
Source: via Kathy on Pinterest
Source: via Jane on Pinterest
Source: via Cici on Pinterest

This last photo speaks to me in WAVES. If  I get it my way, I'll be wearing toe-shoes in heaven. (And I"ll be able to dance like Jessica Harston Thompson!)


  1. That first pin is so funny because I love to go grocery shopping as an excuse to get out alone! That second to last pin is really powerful too.

  2. Love all your pins, espcially the flower pots. Gorgeous. I have to remember that combo for when planting time rolls around. Even though my girls are teenagers, I remember the grocery store thing. My youngest would ask for everything she walked past. lol

  3. right there with ya! pointe in heaven for sure!


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